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The Perfect Gift For The Baseball Fan Who Has It All

Baseball Bats Hollowed Out and Customized For You

Are You Ready To Enjoy The Beauty Of America's Pastime With Every Sip?

These baseball bat mugs are each meticulously handcrafted to ensure you get the most premium, long-lasting, and impressive customized mug you've ever put your hands on.

Each mug begins with a baseball bat, hollowed out, before receiving two coats of epoxy.  Why two?  Why epoxy?  Because these two coats guarantee that your mug will be able to handle your favorite beverage, hot or cold, for years to come.  

This is not just a beer mug.  This is not just a coffee mug.

It's a baseball fan's mug.  Fans of all ages, sizes, and allegiances.

*Dec. 3rd was the last day (including 1-2 Express Shipping) to place an order in the US to have a high likelihood of delivery by Dec. 25th!

*Nov. 30th was the last day to place an order to have a high likelihood of delivery to Canada by Dec. 25th.  Dec. 3rd was the last day when using Express Shipping!


No Matter The Occasion, You Will Be Covered

Diehard Fans

  • Are you looking for the perfect way to show off your fandom as your team races towards a championship?  Your custom bat mug will display your diehard attitude while making all of your friends (and enemies) jealous as you cheer on your squad.

We've got you covered

Unique Coach And Team Gifts

  • Are you looking for the perfect gift to celebrate a memorable season and coaching staff?  These bat mugs allow you to commemorate your season while giving your team a gift they'll always cherish while remembering the season with every sip.

We've got you covered

"Baseball Is Our Life"

  • Are you part of a baseball family?  The type of family that has the game every night of the week.  Ask about the deals on our group orders to get each member of your family their own bat mug.  There won't be any more debate about whose mug is whose.

We've got you covered.

Groomsmen Gifts They Won't Forget

  • Are your Groomsmen former teammates who eat, sleep, and breathe baseball like you?  (Yes, the ones who go overboard in your Fantasy Baseball league each summer)  How would they like to receive the most unique, memorable, and long-lasting Groomsmen Gifts they've ever seen?

We've got you covered.

Did A Significant Other "Hint" In Our Direction?

  • Did you get directed here by your significant other with an order to make?

We've really got you covered (Email if you have any questions of any kind).


*Dec. 3rd is the last day to place an order in the US to guarantee delivery by Dec. 25th!

*Nov. 30th is the last day to place an order to guarantee delivery to Canada by Dec. 25th.  Dec. 3rd is the last day when using Express Shipping!


Each of these retired baseball bats turned drinking mugs are handcrafted with extreme care.  And when we say "extreme care," we mean extreme care.  

To watch the entire process (in fast forward), watch the video below.

They Say Photos Are Worth A Thousand Words, But We Aren't Sure They Do The Baseball Bat Mugs Justice.

Shoutout to Lumberlend for hooking me up with my groomsmen gifts. Baseball is my life and they were the perfect gift from one baseball guy to another. All my guys thought that they were the coolest gifts ever. Looking forward to many cold drinks straight out the barrel.

- Tyler R., North Carolina

A friend of mine had been given a bat mug and I figured it would be a perfect gift for someone very close to me. I work in the baseball industry and everyone I've shown absolutely loves the idea.  I couldn't be happier with the product and am only postponing my next order until I figure out exactly how many I want to order.

- Alexis B., Canada

Love, love, love these. We got our baseball coaches these as their end of season gifts.... and I just ordered my sons custom one for Christmas. It was the first thing on his list.

- Nicole V., Pennsylvania

I bought it as a gift for my brother and he couldn't believe that it was real wooden bat and mug. He's really enjoying this very unique item. Perfect for a present. I can't wait to get one for myself.

- Steven G., Texas


Omg just got my three bats and I'm sooooo excited! They are amazing and just so well made. Have to wait til Christmas to give them to my sister and my mom and I can't use mine til then too or they would steal it. Thanks so much.

- Susan M., Massachusetts

The Bat Mug was the perfect gift for my baseball-obsessed son. It is very unique and having his name and number on it made it very special to him. He uses it for everything and it always makes him smile. He loves it so much that it has become our go to gift for special family members and friends who also love the game.

- Sarah S., Massachusetts

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