Our Story

Our story begins with a bunch of friends - all former baseball players - who would hang out, enjoy some brews and talk baseball. One day, an idea popped up - what if you could take the beauty of a baseball bat, and turn it into a mug? This clever idea was the seed for the invention of the Bat Mug and soon after, these same guys founded Lumberlend Co, the Home of the Original Bat Mug.

At Lumberlend, we pride ourselves on handcrafting every single high-quality Bat Mug that ships out our doors. Never do we outsource our labor overseas, to big manufacturers or to machines. Instead, every day our crew shows up to work ready to craft each mug individually and by hand. Our hands on care extends beyond our craft and directly to our customers. We value and commit to high-quality and personal customer service.

Days at Lumberlend are fast paced, but we always remember where we started - having good times with good people. Our roots haven’t left us and whether it’s talking sports, cracking jokes or flipping mugs, we always keep the mood fun.

Today, it has been just over 34 months since our founding and we have already crafted over 40,000 Bat Mugs. Pretty incredible if you ask us! Whether it is for the baseball fan that already has everything or the fan that is just looking for the best way to drink a beer and watch the game we absolutely love our Bat Mugs, and know you will too.