Our Story

In 2014, on a hot winter’s day in St. Pete, FL, college senior AJ Wnukowski toyed with the idea to turn a broken bat into a functional drinking mug. As his final year waned on, AJ had a choice to make. With a bit of savings and a realization, he took a chance and set out to create a drinkable bat barrel from splintered remains. After numerous trials, faulty prototypes, and late nights, the Bat Mug was born!

Soon AJ set out to build a team and within months, a group of motivated individuals came together in a Massachusetts garage to chase a purpose. Since its creation, the Bat Mug has continued to serve the same purpose it was first designed for; to share the love of the game and lend a hand to the greatest fans in our lives. Today we continue these values of community, integrity, and hard work with every handcrafted mug that leaves our facility.