Our Story

Why is Lumberlend the Home of the Original Bat Mug?

In 2016, Lumberlend was born after finding a way to turn a ‘Bat Mug’ prototype built from coat hangers and tin foil into an actual usable prototype made from ash wood. Two people, one in Florida and one in Massachusetts, created and patented the product but decided to split after realizing some fundamental differences in the directions they wanted Lumberlend to head. So Lumberlend re-launched in Massachusetts with the direction of wanting to provide the most unique and fully customizable baseball gift on the market. Lumberlend was the first company to sell the bat mug and thus trademarked Home of the Original Bat Mug®.

Our Goal

Our goal was and still is to give the customers endless options and the freedom to create exactly what they wanted. Our offerings of custom colors, stains, and personalized engravings aim to do just that. Although it took plenty of work and sleepless nights to figure out how to consistently and quickly produce, we wanted to offer a full array of colors to help bring out the fandom for those who wanted to really show their team pride. The stained mugs, we felt would be a great addition to our wedding products and quickly became a popular hit. 

We believe in quality. Our processes are done by hand (other than the laser engraving) and our team thoroughly enjoys the work that we do. The pride and attention to detail within our “locker room” is what truly makes our products such premium and quality items. Said processes have evolved since the early days in our founder’s home garage in 2016 but that’s the nature of what makes what we do so enjoyable. We’re constantly trying to improve and evolve one day at a time, and one bat mug at a time.

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