Wedding Seams - JamShot®
Wedding Seams - JamShot®
Wedding Seams - JamShot®

Wedding Seams - JamShot®

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Introducing JamShot® our newest addition to our baseball bat product line. Made from the same high-quality maple as out bat mugs these unique shot glasses hold just over 1.8oz of your favorite spirit. 

The unique baseball shot glasses are the perfect gift for your wedding party or a complimentary piece to our signature bat mugs! 

Orders of 5 or more Bottle Openers/JamShots receive 10% off. Orders of 10 or more Bottle Openers/JamShots receive 1 from your cart free.

  • Made in the USA
  • High-Quality Maple Wood
  • Holds just over 1.75 oz
  • Ships in 3-5 business day

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Fully Sealed

High Quality Finish

Why choose us?

At Lumberlend, we pride ourselves on having the highest quality baseball products as well as the most customization options on the market.