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Bat Mug Conversion

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Let's be honest. Your Baseball gear is not just another "item", it is a part of your identity. From every catch to every hit, the story of your baseball career is engrained into the pocket of your glove and the barrel of your bat. We wanted to create a way for our customers to have their bats immortalized in a way that makes them both functional and decorative, which is why we created this one of a kind two-piece baseball bat mug. 

The process is simple. Send us your bat and we will do the rest.

The Two-piece will look exactly like the original bat, but with a "twist". The barrel will be attached to the handle via our signature screw method which will allow you to with display the bat as one solid piece or use the barrel for your favorite beverage.  

If you decide that you would not like the two-piece you will have the choice of receiving just the mug or adding on a bottle opener or shot-glass made from the handle! 

Again the customer is responsible for shipping the mug to us prior to production. 

Production for each conversion piece is approximately 15 business days from start to finish. 

Although we do our best, we cannot guarantee that bats with cracks in the handle or barrel will come out perfectly. Please try and send bats that are fully intact and in good shape.