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Welcome to our Groom Styling page, specifically designed for you prepping for your marriage debut.

. We've created this page to help you cover all your bases leading up to the big day.  

Styling Room

Find the mug that matches your groomsmen's style.

Custom Groomsmen Edition - Mahogany w/ White 

Wedding Seams - Gray Stain w/ White

Wedding Script Edition - Mahogany w/ White

Groomsmen Edition 2.0 - Natural w/ Black

Groomsman Edition 2.0 - Black w/ White

Groomsmen Edition 2.0 - Mahogany w/ White

Custom Signature Edition - Gray Stain w/ White

Groomsmen Edition 2.0 - Natural w/ Black

Custom Signature Edition | Navy w/ Gold

Groomsmen Locker Room Edition |  Gray Stain w/ Black

Personalized Packaging

Thoughtful Design

Our packaging is custom-designed for your groomsmen so that they know you found the perfect gift to appreciate them on your wedding day.  

Custom Mugs

With our custom mug options, you can design each mug to be personalized to each member of your groomsmen party. Choose the right stain, color, text, and images for your "boys" to make each mug even more personalized.


Want to let each groomsman know how you truly feel? You can include a handwritten note with every mug, individually written to let them know how much you appreciate them. (only $5 per note).  

Need help with questions and customizations? Reach out to us directly by emailing info@lumberlend.com

Do's and Do-Nots - Pointers and Tips Leading Up to Your Big Day

The Do's

Vests are Best.

We all get a bit overheated. Vests help you cool down, hide sweat, and look slick at all times. Plus they can accent your suit to match the bride or contrast your groomsmen.

Bright is Bold.
Dark is Slim.

Have the years taken you away from your old physique? If so, go slim with a dark suit. The closer to black, the thinner you get.

Speeches & Toasts.

Whenever you're speaking to your audience, start every speech by appreciating your bride and complimenting your guests. Then have fun with the rest.

Grooms are Groomed.

There's a reason you're the "Groom". Don't forget to cut your hairs, clip your nails, clean your teeth and pluck that brow. You want to be the most handsome man on your wedding day.  

Plan to Save.
Plan to Please.

When your Bride is doing most of the planning, it's easy to push off responsibilities. Rule of thumb to save costs: Start your part at least 90 days in advance. When you plan your outfits, coordinate with your bride so both parties look great together. A happy wife, a happy life.  

The Do-Nots

Drop the Belt, Not the Pants.

Suits are not meant for belts. Why? They cut your style in half. The crisp look is with fitted pants that hold to your waistline.

Rent at Your Own Risk.  

You don't have to have the most expensive suit, but you want to be comfortable all day long. Rentals are often cheap materials that cause itching and perspiration. Wear your own three times and you'll get your money's worth.

Classy Doesn't Mean Flashy.

Keep it simple: a tie, pocket square or boutonniere, and choice of a time piece. The more you glare, the more they'll stare, and not in a good way.

Get Drinks,
Not Drunk.

You're going to have an amazing time at your wedding, but make sure you're able to give a speech at any moment if necessary.

Plan With Her,
Not Without Her.

You know that your Bride is very excited and she wants you to take part in the planning...at least somewhat. Don't plan your groomsmen's attire without coordinating with her. She wants her team to look great next to yours.

Customer Examples

Groomsmen Specials

Placing a large order? No sweat. We offer discounts on large orders.

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